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The "Elroute" software is an Eleship own solution designed for complex management of cables on ships.

Main ELroute functionalities:

  • Completeness and Integrity Verification,
  • Cable routes Optimization,
  • Cable transits & cable trays Overfill Control,
  • Cable Weight & Lengths Calculation,
  • Dynamic cable route Visualization.

Reports for Management Purposes:

  • Cable Supply & Logistics
  • Technical Supervising
  • Subcontractors clearings 

Benefits - improvement of design quality:

  • Accurate cable orders quantity estimation
  • One-time cable purchase – stock reduction
  • Detailed installation design documents allow
    for better competitive bidding.
  • Visualization of cable routes will improve installation works quality.
  • Tool for technician supervisors to improve effectiveness of their work.
  • Improvement of design quality
  • Continuous monitoring of cable transits fulfilment, overfill alerts.
  • Automatic calculation of cable lengths, limitations control.
  • Visualization of separate physical cable routes on ship drawings.
  • Reduction of design errors number
  • Automatic control of cable separation regarding certification rules.

Benefits – management:

  • Better management of electrical works.
  • Quick access to the most actual version of drawings.
  • Securitization of drawings distribution.
  • Reduction of drawings retention and update costs.
  • Opportunity to use mobile devices.

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